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This sector classified as a light industry, covers the manufacture of garments, fabrics, shoes, threads and other pieces classified in this sector, where the raw material in process takes great participation and means, we offer you our experience in this sector, experience of which today we are proud of the customers who have joined us in this journey.



The auto parts sector in Colombia, includes the transformation of raw materials for the main activity of assembly, conditioning and / or repair of vehicles (parts, paints and accessories, chassis ...), working together with our customers we are part of this important sector in Colombia.



One of the most important activities in Colombia is contemplated in the chemical sector, a sector that grows every year, generating a very important dynamic in the country's economy, in our career, we have supported our clients in this sector, assisting the dynamics of the same.





Ferretero y Metálmecánico

Metallurgical and Ironmechanical

This sector is part of one of the most important sectors of the economy, since it is a direct part of the construction chain and generates an important number of jobs in Colombia. For our current clients we offer our knowledge in this sector, and for our future clients we can guarantee an international logistic process based on experience as one of the pillars of our value promise.



Made up of chain stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets, stores, catalog sales, among others, we are part of this sector from the support in the international logistics of many of your suppliers, and companies dedicated to supply this sector, we are available to offer all our knowledge to our customers in this sector.

Industria Maquinaria

Machinery Industry

As a fundamental pillar of the development of many of the companies in this country, we support our clients in their machinery projects, treated as special cargoes that require permanent advice and support, even from their collection at origin. Projects for large companies in the energy, hospital, mining and infrastructure sectors, among others, make us feel proud to be able to offer our experience in this sector.



In this sector, mostly led in imports in the purchasing of raw materials to process and then in most of the cases export, we are pleased to support our customers, understanding their needs and times, in order to fulfill the promise of delivery to their customers, their customers also matter to us.